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I breath, think and feel media which started in my early years. While kids of the same age played football outside i was playing with radio's, cassette player and microphones. As a teenager i finally could afford a 3rd hand S-VHS camera on which i shot my first video's. Now, 30 years later and 25 years as a Media professional i am still fascinated by creating media and content. I love my job as a Dutch Voice Over, onscreen actor, camera operator and director for Tv Shows, commercials and online video content.


Zeno Groenewegen I 2015 is specialized in producing professional musicvideo's.

Musicvideo's is all we do at and in all those years in Musicvideo

production we have gained lots of expertise which pays of in creative concepts and professional cinematic film work. Our own high end filmgear is depending on budget available like dolly's, tracks, steadicam, DJI Ronin, RED Cinema camera's and a drone for Aerial shoots. A filmgear list can be found on our website. Grading and colouring is most important for the look & feel of every musicvideo and is standard in our production process.


We produce for international record labels, both in the Netherlands and abroad, artists managements as well as independent artists.

At request of National Dutch Tv station RTL4, director Zeno Groenewegen reviews the Christmas speech of King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands and the importance of a good director.


Watch the item here